episode 15: Joanna Rose and Stevan Allred and the Pinewood Table

Michelle spent four years at the Pinewood Table, a critique group and Portland institution run by authors Joanna Rose and Stevan Allred. There, she found a writing community and scratched out a couple of hundred pages of a novel. In this episode, we talk to Stevan and Joanna about their talent for close reading, approaching writing with kindness, writing into the sore places, and post-election reading requirements.

To find out more, see The Pinewood Table. And read Stevan and Joanna’s books. They are so beautiful.

Books we mentioned

The Dark Tower Series –¬†Stephen King
The Stand – Stephen King
Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series – Louise Penny
The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
The Architecture of Happiness – Alain de Botton
The Milagro Beanfield War – John Nichols
The Shipping News – Annie Proulx
Love Medicine – Louise Erdrich
Middlesex – Jeffrey Eugenides
Hot Season – Susan DeFreitas
The Mind Body Problem – Jonathan Westphal
The Mind Body Problem – Rebecca Goldstein
Why Architecture Matters – Paul Goldberger
Dear Thief – Samantha Harvey
All That Man Is – David Szalay
The Alehouse at the End of the World – Stevan Allred
A Simplified Map of the Real World – Stevan Allred
Little Miss Strange – Joanna Rose


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