episode 17: How do you say Lepucki? (with Jason Gurley)

Hey! We’re back. AND WE ARE RUSTY. Our good friend Jason Gurley joined us to help ease us back into things.

Fair warning: This episode is sloppy as hell, way more so than usual. Every five minutes I’d look over at the monitor where we were recording and see a warning that the destination disk was almost full. I panicked; I let things fall apart.

We’re not doing a whole big blog post for this one. Michelle is away on a writing retreat, and I’m at home parenting for three weeks…who has time for blogging? Or podcasting, even! But hey, we’re planning some new episodes, and we hope they trickle out over the coming months.

And we still don’t know how to pronounce her name. Lepucki. How do you say that?


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