episode 6: Kevin Sampsell, part 1

Kevin Sampsell, author, publisher, and Portland literary institution, joined us this week for such a good, long conversation that we made it a two parter. In part 1, we talk about his books, endings, writing about real Portland locales, and small press life.

Please enjoy our improved recording quality.

Books we reference, or sort of reference

This is Between Us – Kevin Sampsell
My Struggle – Karl Ove Knausgaard
The Department of Speculation – Jenny Offill
Portland Noir – Edited by Kevin Sampsell
City on Fire – Garth Risk Hallberg
A Common Pornography – Kevin Sampsell

The Folly of Loving Life – Monica Drake
Starvation Mode – Elissa Washuta
Being – Zach Ellis
House of Leaves – Mark Z. Danielewski
Click” story – John Barth
Excavation – Wendy C Ortiz
Bruja – Wendy C Ortiz
Mickey – Chelsea Martin
The Book of Freaks – Jamie Iredell
Sing the Song = Meredith Alling
A Partial List of People to Bleach – Gary Lutz
Assisted Living – Gary Lutz

Small presses we talk about

Akashic Books
Future Tense Books
Instant Future
Civil Coping Mechanism
Hobart: Short Flight, Long Drive
Lazy Fascist Press
Two Dollar Radio
Curbside Splendor
Publishing Genius
Tin House
Atelier26 Books
Forest Avenue Press

Other writers we mention

Stuart Dybeck
Aaron Gilbreath
Blake Butler

Diane Williams
Amy Hempel
Ben Marcus
Katherine Dunn
Tom Spanbauer
Walt Curtis
Blake Nelson
Rick Moody
Margret Malone
Matthew Simmons


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